Welcome to Apples of My Eyes

Welcome to my new Blog – Apples of My Eyes! In the last year and a half over @Doodlage, I made a lot of friends and acquaintances, found a ton of inspiration on other blogs and sites and learned a lot. Even though my Doodlage-ing times have come to an end, I still have a lot of things to share, show and write about.

The name of my blog came from the fact that I am a very visual person, get easily excited by pretty/well designed/unusual things. I have always been fascinated with eyes, and in my artwork, eyes are usually the first thing to appear on the clean fresh piece of paper. Apples in the name are partially due to my unhealthy obsession with all things Twilight, pluse there’s also a hint to the fact that I am a Graphic Designer by day, thus part of the Apple-Machintosh “cult” 🙂 Together, Apple+Eye make a popular saying, but since I can’t pick only one Apple to be in my Eye, you can fully expect at least 4 major themes being explored in this blog:

  • DOODLES – Can’t get away from them completely, can I? If you’ve “met” me before, you know that I put all kinds of fun things into this category. From “classic” scribbles on the margines of your notes, to animation, interior design, graffiti and beyond.
  • BOOKS – I read a lot. I don’t write fiction myself, but certainly love to muse about somebody else’s writing.
  • DESIGN – I go “cool hunting” on the web probably more than I should 😉 So, I’ll share.
  • CRAFTS – I’m very active in the wonderful Handmade Community that is ETSY. I made a lot of friends over there as well, and discovered their various talents. I will happily promote, review and rave about my new and old Etsy finds (related, or not, to the above categories).

Until I finish making a CONTACT page for this blog, you can reach me with your ideas, links, feedback and/or business propositions through email {AppleEyeBlog a t comcast d o t net} and also on TWITTER.


~ by RaShell on September 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “Welcome to Apples of My Eyes”

  1. Congrats on your new blog! I am hoping there’s a way to ‘follow’ the blog, but in the meantime, I’ll ‘see’ you on Twitter!

    • Thank you, dear. I am working on all the bells/whistles for the enhancement of this blog, as we “speak”. Will keep everybody posted on the progress 🙂 Thanks again for visiting and commenting!

  2. Oh I was sad to hear the demise of you on doodlage 😦 But hooray for a personal blog!

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