Papercutting Feast

Papercutting is an interesting artistic endeavor. It’s part art, definitely a craft (which involves a VERY steady hand and some skill with a very sharp knife and flimsy paper) and lots of inspiration. I love-love-love doing papercutting. There are various traditional styles of papercutting, from the chinese on tissue thin paper, eastern european folk cuttings, jewish festive masterpieces and the list can go on and on.
The art of papercutting not only survived the test of time but evolved with technology and now includes mass-produced lasercut pieces. I suspect they do start out as hand-cuts or at least hand-drawings anyways, but my heart still belongs to the honest to goodness hand-cut one-of-a-kinds. There’s just something very special in them.
Some of my favorite papercutters include:
Elsita, super talented artist, papercutter, blogger and so much else, who even has a blog dedicated entirely to heArt of Papercutting:

…and offers “make-your-own” papercutting patterns in her shop) @ Etsy.

Julene (thanks to CreativeCurio for reminding me about these):

Book by the Cover wrote a lovely article about book of Jewish papercuts.
But I’d like to introduce you to my own favorite, all the way from Jerusalem, Archie Granot :

Etsy, as usual, has some wonderful examples for me to share.
Absolutely stunning, both traditional and contemporary style papercuts in PaperCutDieCut shop:

Different style, also on Etsy, TinaTarnoff:

Last, but not least, Fog and Thistle – Different application for papercuts:

And finally, my own. I do mine free-hand. I sketch on the back and then cut “live”. I even try to “recycle” the scraps that come out of it for sort of a “negative” papercut:



~ by RaShell on September 17, 2009.

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